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Complimentary New Patent Exam

Full Treatment

Full upper and lower braces are recommended if all adult teeth have erupted. Invisalign may be used as another treatment option.

Early Treatment (Phase I Treatment)

Before the eruption of all permanent teeth, some young patients might benefit from phase I treatment which is an early prevention to reduce the need for extractions of teeth or other conditions.

Modern High Tech Digital Charts and X-Ray

Complimentary Wire Removal

Prior to our patients going to the dentist for a cleaning, the wires are removed for ease of cleaning at no additional cost.

Two Sets of Retainers

After finishing the orthodontic treatment, patients are given two sets of retainers to maintain the alignment of teeth. Dr. Liu follows up on patients for one year.

Treatment Options


Advanced 3M Unitek Braces System

Types of Braces

Low Profile Braces to Ensure the Most Comfort

Clear Braces to Achieve the Maximum Esthetics

Braces Metal 230Braces Clear 230

Before & After Treatment Photos of Our Patients

Spacing_Before & After

Photos Spacing BeforePhotos Spacing After

Crowding_Before & After

Photos Crowding BeforePhotos Crowding After

Overbite_Before & After

Photos Overbite BeforePhotos Overbite After

Anterior Crossbite_Before & After

Photos Anterior Crossbite BeforePhotos Anterior Crossbite After

Posterior Crossbite_Before & After

Photos Posterior Crossbite BeforePhotos Posterior Crossbite After

Open Bite_Before & After

Photos Open Bite BeforePhotos Open Bite After

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